At Last, An Amazingly Simple Pinup Photography System That Works For Anyone.
A Home Study Course Showing You How To Find Beautiful Models, Get Them To Sit For You, And Then Churn Out Stunning Shots time After time Using A Foolproof Three-Stage Process Developed For Professional Photographers

My name is Ron Davis and I am a photographer. I've always loved photography and have taken pictures for as long as I can remember. But a few years ago I was just like you! I wanted to get into Pinup Photography because I knew thats where the big money is, but I had two big problems: I never really understood how to get models to agree to sit for me and even when I did I was so clumsy and awkward, the studio sessions and shots were a complete disaster. I was always disappointed and frustrated with my efforts.

I don't have to tell how daunting a live studio session can be when you really don't know what you are doing!

Lucky for me that I am not the kind of person that gives in easily so I stuck at it. I don't mind admitting that it has taken me years of sweat and tears to reach the point where I have absolutely no problem finding models and can churn out stunning shots every single time.

A while ago some friends of mine were so impressed with my work they suggested I teach people how to manage studio sessions from start to finish. Of course I was reluctant at first after all I am not a trained teacher and I wasn't really sure that I wanted to share the valuable knowledge I had developed. Well they worked on me until eventually I just had to cave in. My first ever studio workshop, held back in 2006, covered set building, techniques and shooting with multiple light set-ups. I was amazed that 12 people signed up! We had a great time and we all learnt lots - and I found that I loved teaching photography!

Over the next two years I concentrated on refining my entire studio technique. I reviewed everything using live sessions to improve each and every part. It was hard work, testing again and again, and it cost me a small fortune in model fees. But eventually I perfected a fantastically easy to follow three-stage system that has rewarded me many times over in high quality publishable pictures!

In 2008 I decided to test my system on some unsuspecting amateurs...

On October 13th and 14th at my studio in downtown Houston I taught the new version of my three-stage workshop. A select few, one of whom travelled over 1300 miles to be there, were take step-by-step through the system during a live session. They even paid me $300 each for the privilege!

Sit On The Shoulder Of A Professional Photographer As He Runs A Live Studio Shoot

Here's some of the feedback they gave ...

"Good pinup photos don't happen by accident. Ron made the point that you must know what your final image to look like. Makeup, hair, costumes, props, poses, lighting and model. Everything must come together. Ron showed us how and critiqued our photos. Instant feedback."
"When we think of pinup we think playfully sexy. This was the atmosphere of the workshop. It was comfortable, open and great fun with good people."
"What could be more fun than taking photos of a pretty girl? Answer: Taking even more photos of a pretty girl at the Practice Session. Thanks Ron. Loved it!"

OK, I know I'm starting to sound like I think I'm the greatest out there. But I'm not. There are lots of photographers who are way better than I am many of them creating wonderful pictures. But the majority of them produce average shots most of the time, with only a few reaching what I would call publishable quality.

When I ran the October workshop I knew I wanted to teach more than just the few who could afford the $300 fee and travel expenses. So I had a professional video made of the two-day session. It covered all of the key aspects, from the very start of the session right through to the post-production techniques I used to give my images a final polish. I also had the session transcribed into a book in which I added lots of insights and links to valuable photography resources I call it my Pinup photography handbook!

With my simple system I show you how to produce brilliant shots time after time after time. Its just a question of knowing how!

My Practical Pinup Online Workshop is a complete eLearning Course. The video, eBook and Audio Book take you through all aspects of the three-stage system I personally use to produce stunning Pinup shots. Its an easy-to-follow system that absolutely anyone with even a basic knowledge of photography can use to produce absolutely brilliant Pinup shots.

Heres what you will learn ...


You can cut through the years of wasted effort I went through and benefit directly from my extensive experience, learning first-hand as I walk you through my system every step of the way. You learn so much seeing the positions of the lights, how the models move, the directions I give to the model, and even the crazy laughter behind the scenes!

Kimberly Bonus Shoot

As a bonus, I am also including an hour-long video of my one-off photo shoot with the beautiful professional model, Kimberley. You get the complete raw unedited footage of the entire session, showing absolutely everything!

My Cast-Iron Guarantee To You

So whats the catch? After following my simple instructions, what if your images still suck? Well to be honest my friend I would say that if after using my easy system for 60 days you still fail to produce stunning Pinup images I would say that you are not cut out for photography as a career! But don't worry because I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Thats right, I am so confident that my three-stage system works, if you are not satisfied for any reason simply get in touch with me and I will give you an immediate refund.

The Complete Pinup Photography Learning Package

So to recap you get a complete Pinup Photography eLearning Course:

Check out this short video tour of the package ...

Now that you have seen this you will realize why this course is a fantastic guide to Pinup Photography.

The value of the Practical Pinup Online Workshop is over $760, thats excluding the saving you are making on flights and hotel by not having to attend my personal studio training session.

I am making the complete course available for an introductory price of $37. Yes, I know thats an incredible saving. But to be perfectly honest with you I want to get my course out to as many people as possible so I can build my reputation as a leading photography instructor.

I'm not going to tell you that its the equivalent of 4 grande lattes, or a cheap meal for four at a value diner. But this course could literally change your life, giving you the knowledge you need to become a published Pinup photographer. What price would you put on that!

Can you imagine being able to get models to sit for you and then running your own photo session, producing hundreds of images all at the highest publishing standard? Think about how you would feel when you see your images in print! You can hear the congratulations from your family and friends.

Limited Time Offer

I don't intend to keep this low price forever as my reputation builds I will hike up the price, so move fast to get the Pinup Photography bargain of the year!

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P.S This course is your opportunity to look over the shoulder of a professional as he conducts a live Pinup model shoot. This is invaluable first-hand instruction on creating the very best Pinup images.

P.P.S This course will accelerate your skills and boost your potential to become a published Pinup photographer.

P.P.P.S This course is offered at a special low price for a limited time only. I will increase the price significantly as soon as I have established myself as a leading Photography Instructor. Act now to avoid disappointment.